"Is custom jewelry affordable to me?"  

Obviously this is an important question to ask.  It doesn't matter how beautiful the jewelry is, or how much  you love it, unless you can afford it.  And at Jewelry Theory we want to do everything we can to help you stay in your comfort range and still be able to create and give that perfect piece of jewelry.  Let us explain some of the ways we are able to help you.

Utilizing your old jewelry.
There are a number of ways you can use your old jewelry.  You can transfer your center stone to a new setting and only have the cost of a new ring.  We can use your old gold in the creation of you new piece.  Or you can trade in your scrap gold and old diamonds.  So don't just let unworn and forgotten pieces go to waste.  

Deferred or "No Interest if Paid in Full" Payment Programs.
Who likes writing a big check all at once if you don't have too?  If it makes it easier for you to make payments, then do just that.  We do offer a Jewelry Theory account card so you can keep your bank credit cards free for other events.  In addition, for purchases over $2000 we offer 6 Months Deferred Interest and 1 Year Deferred Interest on purchases over $3500.  Both programs are with approved credit, so visit the studio for more details.  And best of all, we can usually get an approval decision within minutes. 

Making small changes in your design.
There are many advantages of having your new jewelry being created right before your eyes. Set aside the fact that it's just really cool to watch.  But you can see in real time how changes are affecting the price.  We are firm believers in budgets, and it's ok if you are too.  If something goes a little over what you planned, we can change metals, change the type of diamonds used, change the design a bit.  There are a lot of small changes that can be made that will help you stay within your comfort zone.

A variety of payment methods.
We accept all major credit cards, including MC, Visa, Discover, and American Express.  We also accept check or cash.

Jewelry Theory is one of the most unique jewelry consultation, design and purchasing experiences that you will ever have, and Tony Logan is an absolute expert in his craft. The new location in the Dallas Design District is absolutely phenomenal as well.
— Michael T. Bingham