Jewelry Theory
Our Story

The roots of Jewelry Theory actually date back over a decade ago.  Three friends, Tony, Kenneth, and Curtis, decided to venture out on their own and open up a jewelry manufacturing and repair shop.  We quickly established a reputation for quality work delivered on time.  We began manufacturing custom pieces for many local jewelers, which led to the utilization of CAD, computer aided design.  In 2014 we outgrew the office they had developed in for years, and were forced to look for a new location that could house a business of our size.

After a thorough search we found a spot that would be perfect for our needs.  Irving Boulevard in South Dallas, the heart of the Dallas Design District.   Surrounded by high end furniture shops, cutting edge fashion houses, and some of Dallas’ trendiest restaurants and clubs, our high tech jewelry manufacturing company fit right in.  Another advantage of this location was additional space to  plan and build out something that Tony had been dreaming of for years, Dallas’ first jewelry architectural studio.  This was the birth of Jewelry Theory. In November of 2014, after many meetings and conversations with Tony, Tom came on board as a partner and the four of us officially opened Jewelry Theory for business.

The concept behind Jewelry Theory is really quite simple.  Help our clients celebrate life’s events and occasions, and help bring some fun into the lives of the people who come through our studio.   We do it not only using the latest cutting edge technology, but by being honest, delivering what we promise, and not pressuring people into things they don’t want or need.  So whether you are getting engaged, have an anniversary or birthday, or just need to celebrate a random Tuesday, look us up.  We will help you create a one of a kind piece of jewelry that will take your special occasion and Make It Perfect!

Tony Logan - Owner/Partner

Tony is the dreamer. He is one of the founding partners of the manufacturing side of the business, along with Kenneth and Curtis.  Tony is also the one who came up with the original concept for the Jewelry Theory.  His main role at the shop is CAD (computer aided design), creating and designing for all our clients.

Tony has been in the jewelry industry since 1990.  He started in sales and moved up into various management positions.  From there he worked with a couple private shops in the Dallas area, all the while learning the ins and outs of the business.

Tony comes from the Dallas area, growing up in the Highland Park neighborhood.  Although he has lived in various parts of the country for short periods, Dallas is home to him.  He has a very eclectic taste in music which you will hear at the shop, being particularly fond of the band Interpol.  After hours, you will most likely find Tony and his wife Kim playing one of the many pinball machines in his home.  

Kenneth Gamble – Owner/Partner

Kenneth has been in the jewelry industry for almost two decades, in both the wholesale and retail sides of business.   As one of the original partners of the manufacturing company, he has been here since the conception of Jewelry Theory. 

Around the shop, Kenneth takes care of diamond and gemstone buying, and is the main liaison between our shop and suppliers.   He also manages custom jewelry sales, working directly with the clients.  Kenneth is a major part of the incredible experience provided at Jewelry Theory.

Kenneth was born in West Texas, and graduated from Irving McArthur.  He is married with three kids and is a dedicated family man.  He loves sports, whether it is going to a Mav’s game or to his kid’s school to watch them play.  When you ask him what he likes to do in his spare time, he’ll just laugh and say “spare time??”

Curtis Winchester – Owner Partner

Curtis is not only one of the founding partners of Jewelry Theory.  He is also a graduate of the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology, and one of our Certified Master Jewelers.  He has been in the jewelry industry since 1996, with most of those behind a bench perfecting his skills.  He and Kenneth, as well at Matt, were friends for many years before joining up here.

When it comes to manufacturing, as Shop Manager Curtis is deeply involved in all aspects of the business.  From stone setting, casting,  and laser welding, all the way to finish out, he does it all to perfection.  What really makes him stand out is his engraving and hand carving.  He has mastered a level of engraving that can only be accomplished by a melding of hand skills and an artisan’s eye. 

Curtis has been married since 2008.  Outside the shop, Curtis keeps himself busy.  As an avid outdoorsman, you can easily find him hunting or fishing, and he enjoys being out in the Brownwood area.  He also likes to spend his time working on automobiles, either repairing or restoring them.

Tom Voelker – Owner / Partner

Tom has been in the jewelry business since 1988.  He first met Tony while working at a retail jeweler in 1991.  Tom started in sales and has gone on to manage traditional retail outlets in Texas and Kansas.  Although he enjoys jewelry, his favorite part of the business is dealing with people.  This is one of the aspects that really attracted him to the Jewelry Theory concept.  Being able to take time and actually talk with the people who come into the studio.  Not the ‘herd them in and herd them out’ philosophy of many traditional jewelers.

What does Tom do around the studio?  He helps clients in the pre-design process as well as gemstone selection.  On the technical side, he designed the studio website and manages social media, as well as producing the video clips you will find on the website.

Tom is a native of Massachusetts who moved to Texas in 1990 where he married his wife Joni.  Other than a short two years in Kansas, they have lived in Texas ever since.  Tom is also a proud father of Brendon, a Texas Tech graduate.  When not in the studio, you will most likely find Tom hitting the Dallas area bike trails with his wife, or exploring local Plano establishments with Brendon.  Tom also spent many years teaching 8th grade boys classes at church, as well as working with the high school students.

Shellie – Business Manager

Shellie is the face and personality behind the company.  She oversees each of the different departments of the company, and is the overall project manager.  Each job that comes through the company will someway pass through Shellie’s hands.  She basically makes sure that nothing gets overlooked, lost, breaks down, explodes, or burns to the ground.

Shellie has been in the industry for over 23 years, and has had more job descriptions than anyone else at the  shop.  She has been responsible for buying gold and gems from the public, which includes identification and valuation.  She has managed on the retail side for four years, and was even a bench jeweler for 17 years.  To say she’s done it all is an understatement.  You don’t fully realize all she does until she’s away on vacation or out of the shop.  Her official title is “HSIC”, Head Shellie In Charge.

She is just as versatile in her personal life.  She earned an Art Degree from Kilgore College, and loves discovering antique pieces at markets and shows.  Her home is decorated with art and items she has personally collected and restored.  She also loves music, and has a section dedicated to the Cure.  And to top it all off, she is an awesome cook and keeps the shop well fed.

Matt Schumacher – Master Jeweler

Matt is our head jeweler and is typically the one setting stones and assembling our custom pieces.  He has been a jeweler since 1997 and is a graduate of the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology.  He takes care of most of our platinum pieces, and handles all the intricate stone setting duties in the shop.

Matt is originally from Indianapolis, and then lived in Paris, Texas while attending the Institute to learn the jewelry trade.  He is married and has one child, and in his spare time he perfects his home brewing skills.  When asked what his favorite beer is, his typical response is “The one I’m brewing now.”



(Baby) Jessica Ellsworth – Jeweler

Don’t let her size fool you.  She is one of the best jewelers around.  Jessica also graduated from the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology and has been in jewelry for over 5 years.  She started in the shop in 2012 doing repair, as well as casting and polishing.  She has evolved into a great bench jeweler who has taken a lead role in training and assisting newly hired jewelers.

Jessica is married and has one child, a little girl.  She is into fitness and working out, and at one time was a weightlifter.

Christopher Clark

Christopher joined the shop in 2015 after moving to Dallas from Minnesota.  Chris attended school in Menomonie at the University of Wisconsin Stout and graduated on 2000 with his BS in Art Education with a concentration in Art Metals.  He taught for two years in Minnesota before going behind the bench full time.

Christopher's specialty is taking jewelry that is damaged and would be considered destroyed by most jewelers, and bring it back to life for his clients.  His favorite part of his job is the smile on a client's face when they see their new piece for the very first time.

Christopher is a big fan of all Minnesota sports teams, but because everyone at the studio likes him we try our best to overlook that.  He has a fairly eclectic musical taste, and when not creating or restoring jewelry for people he enjoys oil painting, golfing, and skiing. 


Tony and Tom and the rest of their team made me and my fiancé feel comfortable and welcome each time we visited to consult on a jewelry piece. It was completed sooner than I expected and far more beautiful than I’d imagined. My fiancé and I wanted a gemstone engagement ring and Tom took extra care to find the perfect stone that fit our personalities perfectly. I couldn’t be happier with the services and attention I received. My ring is elegant and unique and I cannot stop staring at it! I highly recommend Jewelry Theory. Thank you!
— Donna Darko