If you need to check your finger size at home, here are two simple ways to do it.

1.  Wrap a strip of paper, string, or cloth around the finger you are wanting to size.
2. Mark where the piece  begins to overlap. ( measuring the  circumference of your finger )
3. Lay the piece of string or paper out flat and using a ruler or tape measure find the length in inches.
4. Find the closest measurement in the drop down box below and to the left.  When you select the size in inches your finger size will appear in the box to the right.

Inches           Your fingersize


Another option is for you to download and print the image above. Cut out the finger sizer and cut a slot on the line that says 'Read Size Here'.  Wrap the strip around  your finger and slide the 'B' end through the slot to read your size.  If you have any questions, feel free to call us at the store.

Absolutely love my custom ring. It is stunning.
— Lyndsey Skrceny