Designer Collection

Introducing the new Nicholas Blake Designer Collection.  
Exclusive to Jewelry Theory.

Contemporary - Elegant - Alluring - Chic - Dazzling

There is not one single word that describles the new Nicholas Blake Designer Collection.  Each piece is unique and stands on it's own.  However, there is a common thread that weaves the entire collection together.  The feeling of fantasy and imagination.  We wanted to play our part in creating the fairytale wedding that every bride envisions.  

To that end, we present the Nicholas Blake Designer Collection.  Each ring in the collection features a center diamond of one carat or larger that will always be VVS in clarity and D-E-F in color.  The superb cut of each diamond will ensure the most brilliance and intense fire eminates from each gemstone.  Each of these works of origional art will be crafted and hand finished in our NIcholas Blake Coutour Platinum with accenting diamonds hand selected to enhance and compliment the center stone.  And the icing of the (wedding) cake is each and every Nicholas Blake piece is able to feature hand engraving, the styling unique to each ring.

Make her fairytale wedding come true.
Make it Nicholas Blake.
Make it perfect.

Here is the first piece in the collection.  Featuring a 1.18 ct round brilliant cut diamond surrounded by sixty-eight accenting diamonds, bringing the ring up to almost 2 carats total.  The ring is crafted in Coutour Platinum and displays our signature hand engraving making each piece unique.  The inverted scalloped metal work displays the side diamonds beautifully while still keeping the focus on the center stone.

A considerable amount of time and creativity went into the creation of this ring, and we love how it all came together.

$9726.00 ( Price reflects the setting without the center diamond. ) Due to the design and hand carving on each of these rings, the five day turn around time is not available in the Nicholas Blake Collection.

With our Nicholas Blake Designer Collection we strive to present wearable works of art that are creative and unique.  We believe that this second ring we've created is the perfect follow up piece to the gallery.

This ring features a 2.06 carat center diamond of incredible beauty, meeting all the quality standards required for a Nicholas Blake ring.  As always, the accenting diamonds are hand selected to perfectly compliment the main diamond.  And with all the gems set in our Nicholas Blake Couture Platinum, their true color is able to shine through.

What truly makes this ring a unique work of art are the Tahitian pearls on either side of the band.  Tahitian pearls come in a range of colors from black to white, with black being the most sought after.  A true black Tahitian pearl is considered on of the most beautiful and valuable pearls in the world.  Tahitians are called "black pearls' because of their dark hues, but are actually silver, charcoal, and even dark green.  Even then, they have various undertones and overtones, ranging anywhere from green, blue, pink, blue, and yellow.  Each pearl is unique, which makes them a natural addition to the collection.

A quick comment on the setting.  Notice the scrolling ribbons in the band that wrap around the finger and up to hold the pearls.  And pay close attention to the prongs securing the center diamond.  It is not just a stock head added at the end.  The ribbon theme stands our here also.  They actually resemble music notes.  Which is appropriate, as this ring is guaranteed to make her heart sing.

$6743.00 ( Price reflects the setting without the center diamond. )