Here are some samples of rings and other jewelry that we've created.  All unique.  All one of a kind.

360 Degree View Gallery

Using our latest technology and tools, we will be featuring more of our  newer pieces in the 360 view gallery below, allowing you to see more of the details of our craftmanship.

This is one of the very first rings we created.  It is a oval sapphire with diamonds in 18k Precise white gold.  It features talon prongs and has Asha's initials inside the band on the undergallery.

An 18k marquise wedding set. This ring features a peek-a-boo diamond inside the band, under the setting of the center diamond. This image was taken when the client came back to have the bands soldered together.

There are two design elements that really make this ring special. One is the peek-a-boo diamond inset into the band. The second is the client's laser inscribed fingerprint on the opposing side to the diamond.

Here is a 360 view of what the wax models look like after printing and curing. In the past models like this were done by hand requiring much more time. This is the actual model used to cast the jewelry.

The staple of any woman's jewelry box. Diamond stud and pendant set. The diamonds are held in platinum with a bezel style setting, giving them a clean, classic look suitable for any occasion.

This is a sample of a wedding set we created featuring hand engraving by Curtis. We can add engraving to almost any ring, including jewelry you already own. You can call us or send us a photo for information.

Photo Gallery