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Tom doing CAD


First and foremost, have fun with whatever you're designing.  Whether you want something for an engagement, wedding, anniversary, birthday, or just want to treat yourself.  Jewelry should make you happy, and we want the creation process be part of the fun.

davis wax.jpg


When you get here, just relax and have fun.  Bring us any ideas, concepts, images, pictures, or stick drawings you have.  We take any of those things and bring them to life right in front of you.  And you can control every detail, from how high the gems sit to how wide or narrow the band is.  We design everything just how you want it.


We take the CAD (computer aided design) and print a 3D wax model that you can try on so you can see exactly how it will look on your hand ( neck, ears, wrist, or any other body part you're looking to adorn )  And once you give us the ok, our jewelers use their mad sorcery skills to cast your ring, set the stones, and add any additional details like hand engraving, milgrain, or textured finish.


In as little as five days, you can pick up your new ring to propose with, give as a gift, or slip it on yourself.
And yes,  you read that right.  As little as five days!  Or if you can give us a couple weeks, we can save you even more money.


Tom Voelker

CAD Master

Take over 30 years of  jewelry experience and pair it with some mad CAD skills.  Then season it with humor and a little bit of sarcasm, and you'll have the makings of beautiful jewelry and a fun experience.

"Jewelry Theory made me gorgeous custom wedding bands to go with my unconventional sapphire engagement ring. The finished product blew away my expectations! And the customer service was AMAZING! Thank you Tom & Tony"

Susan Fogus

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