The roots of Jewelry Theory actually date back over a decade ago.  Three friends, Tony, Kenneth, and Curtis, decided to venture out on their own and open up a jewelry manufacturing and repair shop.  We quickly established a reputation for quality work delivered on time.  We began manufacturing custom pieces for many local jewelers, which led to the utilization of CAD, computer aided design.  In 2014 we outgrew the office they had developed in for years, and were forced to look for a new location that could house a business of our size.
After a thorough search we found a spot that would be perfect for our needs.  Irving Boulevard in South Dallas, the heart of the Dallas Design District.   Surrounded by high end furniture shops, cutting edge fashion houses, and some of Dallas’ trendiest restaurants and clubs, our high tech jewelry manufacturing company fit right in.  Another advantage of this location was additional space to  plan and build out something that Tony had been dreaming of for years, Dallas’ first jewelry architectural studio.  This was the birth of Jewelry Theory. In November of 2014, after many meetings and conversations with Tony, Tom came on board as a partner and the four of us officially opened Jewelry Theory for business.
The concept behind Jewelry Theory is really quite simple.  Help our clients celebrate life’s events and occasions, and help bring some fun into the lives of the people who come through our studio.   We do it not only using the latest cutting edge technology, but by being honest, delivering what we promise, and not pressuring people into things they don’t want or need.  So whether you are getting engaged, have an anniversary or birthday, or just need to celebrate a random Tuesday, look us up.  We will help you create a one of a kind piece of jewelry that will take your special occasion and Make It Perfect!

Tony and Kenneth have designed and made my jewelry for years now.....I wouldn't trust my diamonds to anyone else!

Beth Williams