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The concept for Jewelry Theory began years before the doors opened to the public.  Three friends came together and opened a jewelry manufacturing company and quickly became known for high-quality one-off custom pieces, serving jewelers and private designers from the heart of the Dallas Design District.  After a few years, they decided to create a design studio that was open to the public, and in 2014 Tom came on board as another owner/partner.  Jewelry Theory was born.  

By 2022, Jewelry Theory reached clients across the country.  Their success was due to two main factors.  First was creating stunning jewelry, but equally important was how they treated people.  They enjoyed coming to the shop every day and just focused on having fun, and it rubbed off on clients.  Where else can you design your jewelry on the big screen, have a Coke or nurse a beer, and play a little pinball when you're done?

In August of 2022, they sold the building they had been in for ten years.  That brought changes to the company they had built.  While still wanting to keep the manufacturing company going, the original three had other endeavors they wanted to pursue.   After a lengthy discussion with Tom, they decided to step aside from Jewelry Theory and let him go on as the sole owner.  At that point, Jewelry Theory became Tom Voelker Designs while continuing to use the original JT name that he had developed such a fantastic reputation.

" Many people start a company with dreams of riches and fame.  Not me.  After years of working in corporate America I want to come to work every day and enjoy myself.  I want to have balance in my life and be free to spend time doing things I love both in and out of the shop.  To take more time with family and friends, do volunteer work, and pursue and develop new hobbies.  The ironic part of all this is that now that I have that balance between work and home, I have never enjoyed coming to work every day more than I do now." 

 -  Tom Voelker

Tony and Kenneth have designed and made my jewelry for years now.....I wouldn't trust my diamonds to anyone else!

Beth Williams

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