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Black Box

Emerald and diamond ring in 18k white gold

Black Box Collection is a selection of estate jewelry, jewelry on consignment, and pieces we have purchased from clients.  Each piece is carefully inspected, polished and detailed, and checked for quality.  With this collection, we've made buying and selling pre-loved jewelry safe and easy.

See a piece you love?

  1. Make an appointment to view it on our Booking Page.

  2. We take cash and all major credit cards.

  3. We will size any rings (when possible) up or down one size at no charge to you.  Any sizing beyond that can be done at a charge to you.

  4. Because of the nature of this jewelry, we cannot offer a return policy or warranty on any of our Black Box Collection items.  However, for the first year we will do any repairs and additional ring sizings at a discount.

Looking to sell?

If you have jewelry that you no longer need or wear, bring it to us.  The process is very simple:

  1. Make an appointment on our Booking Page.

  2. Bring in your jewelry, along with any receipts, reports, and certifications.  If you do not already have an appraisal, we can provide you with one.  The appraisal fee is $100 per piece.

  3. We will work with you to come up with a fair value for you and our final purchasing client.

  4. To help your piece of jewelry sell as quickly as possible we will recommend any repairs and refurbishing required.  We will also professionally photograph your jewelry and list it in our collection as well as feature it on our social media accounts.

  5. Once your piece has sold we will contact you to give you your payment either by check or by Zelle, minus any consignment fees.

We ask that you give us at least 6 months to sell your piece.  If after than time it has not sold, you may pick it up and there is no additional charges.  Or if  you would like, you can leave it with us to continue to display in our collection for as long as needed.

If you would rather not wait, we would love to make you an offer to buy your jewelry outright.  Even if it is damaged beyond repair and no longer wearable nor sellable.  We buy scrap gold too!

Feel free to ask us any other questions you may have.  You will need to bring it in so we can see the piece in person.  We cannot 'give you a ballpark price' over the phone.

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