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Two Tone Men's Ring For Ron Combest

Project: 18k gold two tone men's ring 

Date: February 2023

Overview: 18k yellow and precise white gold ring with 33 round brilliant cut Lab Grown Diamonds

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     18k Precise white gold

     18k yellow gold


      33 Round brilliant cut Lab Grown diamonds, 1.7mm each with .66ct total weight.
      Each Lab Grown diamond is F/G in color and Vs in clarity.


Design and Manufacturing: 

       This band is a custom, one off design.  

       Each of the three rows of diamonds are set in a true channel setting.

       Each section of the ring was cast as a separate piece, and then laser welded together to make them one.

       The ring is finished with a high polish.

       The design was created in CAD (computer aided design) using Matrix Gold.  Matrix is a parametric based program specifically used for jewelry.  A 3D resin model was printed, and from that a mold was created for casting using a "lost wax process", named for  the fact that the resin model in burned away to create the mold.  This is a one-off piece that will never be recreated except by client request.

Your team:

       Tom Voelker - Designer / wax models / photographer

       Jessica - Casting and metals

       Matt - Finish out jeweler

Please tell others

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