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Manny Rodriguez

Project: 18k gold Circle X Pendant

Date: December 2022

Overview: 18k yellow gold custom pendant with 18k yellow gold 16" chain

williams v2 (2 of 6).JPG



     18k yellow gold

Design and Manufacturing: 

       The design was created in CAD (computer aided design) using Matrix Gold.  Matrix is a parametric based program specifically used for jewelry.  A 3D resin model was printed, and from that a mold was created for casting using a "lost wax process", named for  the fact that the resin model in burned away to create the mold.  This is a one-off piece that will never be recreated except by client request.

Your team:

       Tom Voelker - Designer / wax models / photographer

       Jessica - Casting and metals

       Matt - Finishout jeweler


If you are happy with your new pendant and enjoyed the process of designing your one of a kind piece, please leave me a review and let others know.

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